Launching the Next Generation

By Dr. Lane Ledbetter, Superintendent of Schools

On Tuesday, January 21, Midlothian ISD students and staff recognized our Board of Trustees for its service to our district and the children we serve during its monthly School Board meeting. Across the state and nation, January has been designated as School Board appreciation month. This declaration is meaningful to our MISD School Board as they work tirelessly to serve our nearly 10,000 students and 1,100 staff members. Their commitment is evident in their forward-thinking approach in supporting our district’s vision of “Inspiring Excellence Today to Change the World Tomorrow.” 

Midlothian ISD’s 2019-2020 Board of Trustees.

As volunteers, they spend countless hours reviewing laws and information to make decisions related to our budget, staffing and resources that support our students and teachers. In essence, our School Board makes decisions that are in the best interest of all students and staff. Some key oversight areas include:

  • Approving the budget and setting the tax rate aligned to state law
  • Approving the district’s strategic plan and ensuring the plan is implemented
  • Collaborating as a Team of 8 to solve problems and support common successes
  • Focusing on continuous improvement by examining and revising issues related to student success
The Earl & Marthalu Dieterich Beam Signing in November 2019.

This past year, our Board has provided unprecedented raises for our teachers – nearly 3.5% or more depending on the number of years of service. Additionally, they surprised staff with a one-time supplemental pay prior to Thanksgiving giving all full-time employees $1,000 and all part-time employees $500. Directly impacting our classrooms, our Board increased classroom support for students who need specialized and personalized learning opportunities to either enrich learning or enhance their learning based upon individual student needs. These are just a few samples of how our Board supports our vision and district goals.

While a School Board member serves year-round, taking this month to recognize and show our deep appreciation to our School Board members for their commitment and service allows our students and staff to personally thank all seven members. Thank them for resources, support and environments where every MISD child’s potential becomes realized. As we enter 2020 and launch the next generation of productive citizens, take a moment to say thank you to a Board member for the important work they do each and every day.

The J.R. Irvin Elementary Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony in August 2019.

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